At, we want to make a positive, lasting impression on the global tourism industry.


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Our Mission

In helping travellers to explore and experience more than 120,000 unique destinations all over the world, also seeks to contribute to the ongoing health of these same destinations so that future generations can continue to enjoy them for years to come. The Booking Booster, Booking Booster Labs, the Booking Cares Fund and our employee volunteer programme further this mission to make a positive impact globally



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As part of our Booking Cares volunteer programme, our employees have long partnered with local organisations on projects that help improve destinations worldwide. 

In 2017, we launched Booking Booster to support startups in sustainable tourism. We have since launched the Booster Labs for early-stage ventures and the Booking Cares Fund for bold, disruptive, dream projects to further expand's Booking Cares commitment across the various layers of the sustainable travel industry.



Volunteer Programme

Our employees volunteer their time and expertise to partner with local organisations on projects that help improve destinations worldwide.


Booking Booster Programmes

Our Booking Booster Programme supports scale-ups dedicated to sustainable tourism through a 3-week accelerator programme, culminating with an opportunity to pitch for grants of up to €500,000.

Through the new Booking Booster Labs, we empower early-stage sustainable tourism ventures to grow their business and impact over the course of a weekend and pitch for grants of up to €25,000.


Booking Cares Fund

The Booking Cares Fund champions sustainable tourism Changemakers in their search for new and unexpected solutions that reimagine the tourism and travel space. 

Pioneers with bold, ambitious non-profit projects can apply for grants between €100 and €250k.




In 2017, Booking Cares expanded our global volunteer base to the largest it has ever been and began our support of startups in sustainable tourism through our Booking Booster and Booster Labs to drive innovation in sustainable tourism.

Our Impact Report celebrates some of the achievements of last year - take a look!